Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission:

ALO is working for the eradication of poverty, promoting human dignity, women and indigenous rights, protection of environment and influence policies in favor of poor and marginalized by enhanced the capacity and participation of people through empowerment.

Our Vsion:

Our vision is a prosperous society, an Indigenous area where all the communities are living with harmony and peace. The governance system is based on the principles of equality, caring, sharing and cooperation and the decisions are made through consensus and participation of all. The practice of festivals, dress, language and culture are based on indigenous traditions and values. All the family (men and women) have own land property, private and communal, ensures food and livelihood security. The market is controlled by producer and consumer cooperatives and economic justice prevails. People are eating healthy food and there are e-clinics that provide necessary health advices and emergency services. There are agriculture based small scale industries and vibrant traditional cottage industries producing handicrafts and other commodities. Children are getting education in the village, community education and resources centers, learning in mother tongue and other language. Every family has access to communication technology to contact globally. Students are able to learn according to their choice of profession and creative talents. They are free thinkers, creative, happy with scientific attitude and work in professions they prefer. The natural resources are protected by collective community management. Well-designed housing according to traditional view and with advanced sanitation system. The streets are wide and comfortable communication system. Women and men are enjoying equal rights, participates in community decision making bodies and with mutual care and respectful relations. Tourists are welcomed and visiting the area.