Case Study

Inspiration stories a self-help agent

Mr. Ching Hla Mong Chowdhury was enlisted a beneficiary of ALO EPRRL project supported by Manusher Jonno Foundation. Then he became a member of ALO Self Help Group (SHG) and received training on production of vermin compost from ALO. A total 8 members received training on vermin compost out of 22 SHG groups. After receiving training Mr. Chowdhury has applied his knowledge and started to prepare vermin compost in his own land and simultaneously cultivated vegetables and planted fruit orchards.

Introduction of vermin compost has made a positive effect on Mr. Ching Hla Mong Chowdhury’s livelihood. He has become a successful  farmer using vermin compost in his own land and earning money regularly by selling vermin compost. In 2019, he earned 30,000 Taka from selling vermin compost. Now he is a source of inspiration to other small scale farmers to his neighborhood.

Interviewed with Mr. Chowdhury said that he collected 25-30 kg of vermin compost after 2 months and applied vermin compost to some portions of vegetables and fruit gardens. Interestingly, he also applied chemical fertilizer in other parts of his vegetable field and fruit garden as well. He noticed that, he received a higher production of vegetables and fruit garden from vermin compost portions than chemical fertilizer parts.  Before introduction of vermin composts he used to apply chemicals in his crop fields but did not receive production. Further he expressed that “I want to use vermin compost completely in my agricultural crop fields and will avoid chemical fertilizers in future. It will help soil fertility and increase of crop production as well as crop diversity”. 

Currently, neighbors are encouraged use of vermin compost after learning of Mr. Chowdhury success story and getting benefit from their increased of crop production. ALO EPRRL project has made remarkable achievements for changing the behavior of farmers’ application of vermin compost in their crop fields.